For over 40 years, Laura has been creating and designing attire of all kinds. She was taught the art of designing, creating and sewing as a very young girl. "I strongly believe that this passion for sewing, designing and creating is in my genes." Her first creation was her own wedding gown and she hasn't stopped since!

Quality is the most important element of our creations. We seek out fabric merchants who provide only the finest in fibers and textures in the fabrics they sell. We prefer to use silk and cotton. These two fibers show the quality and finesse of a given garment and endure throughout the ages while remaining elegant for the life of the garment.

Our business, products and services represent Laura, so we want to make sure that every creation truly reflects her sense of style and lives up to every wish and aspiration of the person ordering the gown or outfit. 

Timeless, elegant, distinctive, exquisite, one-of-a-kind, original and of the utmost quality -- that's the true embodiment of what we do at Coutures by Laura.